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Arise Women’s Conference

7-9 September 2018

The Arise Women’s Conference was birthed out of a passion to see women from all walks of life become who God has created them to be.

Every woman is beautiful, and that beauty blooms and becomes obvious to all as we allow Christ to be formed inside of us. It causes us to glow from within, bringing  joy, peace and a softness to our countenance. We experience fulfillment and peace when we make the decision to believe this truth. Life happens to all of us –  Arise is a place where new vision, purpose, a passion for God and a feeling of being loved unconditionally is nurtured. It is where the “God colours” are encouraged to shine through each woman in every life situation.



There are many women’s conferences in the country and city which women can choose from, so why choose Arise?

I believe that nothing should exist unless it has a purpose, as well as a vision so let’s explore why or whether we have the right to exist!

We have the privilege of living in a very diverse cultural as well as economically varied and often challenged society. With that reality comes great opportunity for us as women to be salt and light in the world we live in.

My definition of a core value is our central belief system, our first reaction response or word that we speak. It is the basis of our thinking and actions in every life situation.

Our vision, first of all, is for women is for them to have an encounter with God that will enlarge their thinking and allow them to become possibility thinkers rather than being controlled by negativity and a fear of failure a place many women find themselves in. We aim to, therefore, give them the ability to see themselves as a woman the way God sees them be, not the way they are formed when life happens.

We want and have really succeeded to a great extent over the years to enable and equip them to go back to their homes and neighborhoods as agents of positive LIFE change with the “I CAN” that will last, stepping out of “ordinary” and becoming extraordinary women in life.

Basic life values for a well-adjusted society and personal success have been eroded in society.  We want our conference, the leadership, everything that is done to reinforce, restore and pass on these values to the next generation in a way that will inspire them to embrace them as a lifestyle regardless of their background.

The basic values of an emotionally healthy personality are:

  • Treating people with honor:
  • Honoring God in all their decisions i.e. the fear (respect) of God is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Honoring father and mother, grandfather, grandmother and treating them with love and respect and care.
  • Honoring those in authority over them – in speech as well as actions. i.e. not being rude!!

This lines up with the following:

  • Seeing the other person as more important than oneself. This can only come about when someone has a healthy self-respect.
  • Unselfishness – having a value of generosity.
  • Understanding the importance of having a value and heart of constant forgiveness (70 x 7 per day for the same offense says the book of Mathew).
  • Living a life with an attitude of contentment and gratitude for what you have and where you are at, yet never limiting where God can lift you to, Promotion comes from the Lord.
  • Friendliness at all times, regardless of feelings or the other person’s attitude or response. Learn not to take things personally.
  • Honesty and transparency – in your relationships in the family, at work and in every situation.
  • Your word being your honor – doing what you say you are going to do, not make promises to people and then ignore them when something else comes up.
  • Keeping confidentiality and trust and not being a gossip.
  • Teach the women just old fashioned good manners, please, excuse me, `”may I”. Standing up to allow an older person to take a seat and serving them etc. These things are not taught in the average home.
  • Treating each other with respect. Not talking down or in an insulting way and dismissing this as “I was just joking”.


Reading 1 Corinthians 13 in the Amplified version especially sums much of this up and shows that this is doing life in righteousness – God’s way of doing and being right.

In an atmosphere of beauty, nurturing love, where it is easy for women to feel the presence of God and are challenged by a spirit of excellence all around them; not just – anything will do atmosphere these values can be taught naturally.

Knowing that everything that is done is with them and for them in mind makes this whole process of growth much easier to soak up and take in Much is reinforced as they have fun with their new as well as their old friends.

Our breakaway sessions or workshops are all designed with a specific target group in mind as well so as to equip them in specific areas.

Most of all every experience is designed to make this a highlight of each woman’s year – an unforgettable experience.

Upcoming Events:

Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend
8-10 June 2018, 12 -13 October 2018

Arise Girlfriends Evening
26 June 2018

Arise Women's Conference
7- 9 September 2018

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