Arise 2016 was an Experience!

Meditating on what has once again been a powerful and life-changing Arise conference, but mindful of the fact that each of our eleven women’s conferences has had its own particular impact, so many thoughts run through my mind.

In my preparation for yet another conference – for the pastors and their wives in Dar es Salam – I realized that of everything one can do in life, this is the calling where the subject of relationships can be the most trying. There are specific challenges that come with ministry, such as working with people who have a great deal of brokenness in their lives and dealing with rejection from people you have put your time, care and energy into. This work, and the broken relationships that so often accompanies it, has a very real impact on pastors personally, as well as on ministry couples and volunteer workers across the world.

We have an enemy who knows that because we have influence, the area of relationships is the most vulnerable and challenging in our lives, and that it has the potential to negatively impact many people, if it should break down.  

But above all, pastoring is about the people and shining God’s colours to and with others. When we are exactly and uniquely who God made us to be, we shine our particular God colour in our area of influence. Life is full of possibilities and opportunities where God allows us to be real and to shine. In a colourless and challenging world we have the real answers and we need to reflect these in our lives. Your area of influence is your world where you are called to shine!

This year at Arise God spoke to us in a challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, but relevant way. 

ChiChi Bismark’s life is a testimony of what can happen if the biblical principles about success are followed.  She is worth millions as a result of conducting her business the kingdom principle way. Through her wise use and investment of money – as well as her creative thinking – she has achieved financial success in a country that is both bankrupt and corrupt.  That said everything to me! God’s kingdom finance principles work wherever you are, if you are willing to change your lifestyle and do life God’s way.

Timothy Kieswetter was a breath of fresh air who went ‘where angels fear to tread.’ He was both tactful and funny! We have received testimonies from husbands who are grateful to Timothy for being at Arise, saying they received a ‘new wife’ and that their marriages were healthy again.  We have heard of many women who have changed their attitude toward their husband since the conference and have seen their marriages restored.

The atmosphere of peace and the sounds of laughter that filled the air were wonderful – even our store holders and therapists remarked on this. Our workshops were outstanding, and our praise and worship anointed. The anointing was so strongly felt on the church grounds that people started weeping with joy as they drove in without knowing why. 

I have always said that Arise is not just a conference, it is an experience.

We have the most amazing line-up of speakers for 2017, which I believe God has specially put together for us. Each one is truly powerful!  Book now to pay the best price and secure your space! I believe we are going to be packed out.

I am ‘Captivated’  with anticipation for Arise 2017!

Much love,

Pastor Mariana Crompton


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