Women all over the world are feeling a passion rise up within them. It cries out, “I WAS MADE FOR MORE.”

God is busy repositioning His girls from a place of inferiority, fear, discouragement, unworthiness and despair to a place of love, power, boldness and strength. A place where they believe in themselves and become courageous like Esther!


I also believe God is going to release His favour and grace upon women. He will empower them to fulfill His purpose and plan for their lives. He is going to bless women with an anointing to be COURAGEOUS again. 

To be courageous is to be strong in mind, to carry out your assignment from God in spite of the danger you might face because of it. Courage doesn’t deny imminent danger; it denies danger’s authority over your life.

The bold, courageous woman will be known as:

1. One who fears the Lord,

2. She will know that God is within her; she shall not fail (Ps 46:5 NIV),

3. She is a woman of royalty. Isaiah 62:3 says “You shall also be a crown of glory In the hand of the LORD, And a royal diadem In the hand of your God.” 

This courageous woman will bring peace in her home, her community and her church. A woman of favour becomes a vessel in the Master’s hand, for one purpose only, to glorify God!