She is Woman Girlfriends Evening

Our latest Girlfriends Evening, aptly titled She is Woman, brings popular guest speaker, Pearl Kupe, back to our shores!

The evening will take place on Wednesday, the 26th of June and guests are asked to arrive between 18:30 and 19:00. As usual, expect something sweet and delicious at the door!

In addition, join us in making up gift bags as part of our Hub of Hope innitiiative. These bags will go to new moms whose babies have been affected by cleft lip and/or palate.

We need:

  • Gift bags
  • A5 hard cover notebooks
  • Pens
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Tissues
  • Soft toys (something soft and tactile that fits a newborn baby sized hand)
  • A few items that are special for mom, like a facecloth, body wash and body lotion

Cleft Friends is the non-profit organization we have chosen to support this year and falls under our Hub of Hope umbrella along with Project Hope, Shepherd’s Field and our church missionaries. We are so happy to be making a difference in the lives of moms and babies affected by cleft lip and/or palate!

We can’t wait to see you on the 26th of June!

True colours – God Colours – Shine !

All theShine 3se words come to mind when thinking about this year’s True Colours Arise conference.

Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland? ‘WONDER LAND…’ The thought of entering, and like Alice, living in ‘Wonderland’ conjures up so many images in my mind. What is a land of wonders?

We are meant to live in a wondrous place of grace, beauty and power with a wonderful God. “Great God of wonders, God of grace,” as the old hymn says. Our God is supernatural – He lives in that realm of the heavenly places where miracles are normal and signs and wonders are part of His ways.

Wonderful! Wonders all around! Wondrous!

In my mind’s eye I see flashes of light, like colourful stars all around, and have a feeling of being lifted off the ground, floating – delightful and wondrous! I see myself looking down on a broken world, and being a part of the answer, if only in a small sense.

Ladies, don’t ever lose that childlike ability to enjoy God.  You see, if you are childlike, it means you are dependent on God. It also means you enjoy and take pleasure in who God is and what He does. If He IS, then He must DO, because love always brings action. Love starts in our heart and manifests through our hands, our feet, or our mouth (in words). In other words, there is action.

We need to shine our ‘God colours’ in a world needing ‘character colour’ to shine, and in this way draw people to the God in us, producing in them a desire to know Him. He demonstrates His wonderful and generous nature through us.

God has many, many attributes, but this time we are talking about His wonders. God desires us to live in Wonder Land – because He is wonderful and He wants to make our lives wonderful. Actually, you are a wonder. Sometimes you become a sign in this world to make people wonder.

See you at Arise!

Pastor Mariana Crompton

“I am an Overcomer” says 700 women

Arise 2014 Conference Report

At the first light of spring over 700 women gathered from across South Africa at Word of Faith Christian centre to hear the uthentic messages by Vanessa Goosen and Esther Meshoe.

Both speakers complimented the conference with their moving stories from devastation to redemption by meeting King Jesus.

Women young and old united in fellowship at the ninth annual ARISE Women’s Conference with this years focus ‘I am an Overcomer’ inspired by Psalm 39:10-11: ”You turned my mourning into joyful dancing”.

Former beauty queen, Vanessa Goosen, told a tale of how when she was in the world, she had very little time for God. But when got caught up as a drug mule and sentenced to death in a Thai prison, she cried out to Jesus to save her.

Esther Meshoe, a dynamic successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, encouraged women to ‘be specific’ about their dreams, for “where there is no vision my people shall perish”. (Read Proverbs 27:18)

Vanessa and Esther have overcome life’s unpredictable adversities by rising up with courage and conviction.

Delegates at the conference were blessed with terrific weather, solid teaching and outstanding worship and performing arts with the likes of Michelle Gray and René Marks.

“I am leaving this conference feeling empowered and encouraged to take on whatever lemons life throws at me”, shares Queen Molefe, a first time ARISE attendee.

The conference made provision for women from all interest groups by offering seminars relating to faith, business and creative arts all inspired by the Holy Spirit. On-site coffee lounges, a beauty spa and a marketplace kept ladies busy between sessions.

You can purchase the full ARISE 2014 Conference or individual workshops on DVD or audio by contacting Word of Faith Christian Centre on (041) 399 4400.

Click here to see photos from the Arise 2014 Event.

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12 -13 October 2018

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