Sitting in my hotel room in LouisArise Blogville this morning, brings back so many memories of past relationships with friends I look forward to reconnecting with in eternity. We live in a world that is so connected via the internet and social media, and yet a sense of belonging, and feeling worth and acceptance is disconnected in most people’s lives. It’s so easy to forget that real relationships and feeling loved come from face-to-face ‘touch’ and regularly connecting with people.

One of the integral aspects of the experience that is Arise and which makes it unique is the opportunity to connect with women from everywhere in a beautiful at
mosphere. Arise is where you can feel pampered while chilling with old and making new friends.

It is like taking a holiday while being fed spiritually. It is where we make a deposit in our heavenly bank account and future in eternity. That sounds like a win-win to me. See you there!


Pastor Mariana